Agripace 2018

About 3rd International conference on Agricultural and Food Sciences

Agripace 2018 will be held from November 26th to 28th, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. 3rd International conference on Agricultural and Food Sciences is convened annually will be the best amalgamation of eminent researchers, students and delegates from both academia and industry where you collaborator to have interactive access to emerging technology and approaches globally in the field of Agriculture and Food Science.

Past conferences Agripace 2016 & Agripace 2017 were held successfully with the kindly support from Nobel Laureates, Government organizations, Associations and participants of more than 25 countries.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, named most popular city for international tourists in 2017. According to Mastercard's annual list of most-traveled to cities, The Thai capital is predicted to host nearly 20.2 million international tourists in 2017.

We cordially invite all of you to participate in Agripace 2018!

Scope and Importance

Agriculture is the most important industry for any country and many countries have been focusing on economic development to boost farming. Agricultural and food science is a specific kind of the research that specializes in analyzing farming methods and food production procedures to increase yield, food safety, food nutrition and other factors.

Today, the world has more than enough food to feed everyone, yet 850 million are food insecure. Achieving food security requires adequate food availability, access, and use. Agriculture and food science plays a key role in providing more food production, proper food security methods and food with high nutrition status.

More Agricultural production + Proper food security + High nutrition food leads to Profitable & Sustainable agriculture.

Market Report

Below are the top agricultural nations based on agriculture GDP.

Thailand is a major player in global agriculture and also the second largest food exporter in all of Asia, behind only China. From crops and livestock to forestry and fisheries, Thailand is a world agricultural leader in main products production like rice, cassava, tapioca, canned pineapple and seafood, as well as corn, mangoes, and sugar cane. Agricultural machinery imports amount to nearly $600 million (USD), servicing some 9,000 food-producing farms and factories.

Thai rice is a major export, of course, but so too are processed foods, ready-to-cook products like curries and sauces, and Halal food items, with Thailand being ASEAN's #1 Halal food exporter and caterer to the world’s nearly 2 billion Muslim consumers.

Thailand key export markets are the US, Japan, ASEAN, and the EU, and the major international brands doing business in Thailand are Dole, Nestle, Unilever, Tesco, Kellogg's, Kraft, Pepsi Co, and Procter & Gamble.

Why Thailand for Agricultural & Food Industries

Thailand offers a number of advantages for companies in the Agriculture & food processing industry. These include:

Skilled Workforce: According to the Thai National Food Institute, there are approximately 800,000 laborers in Thailand’s food industry. Furthermore, the government’s numerous training and support organizations will ensure a robust and technically-equipped workforce today and into the future.

Comfortable Business Climate: Thailand’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Asia, with 2017 GDP projected to grow by around 8.3 percent, and Thailand was ranked 10th in the world top agricultural nations and 2nd in Southeast Asia in terms of ease of doing business.

Hub of Asia: Thailand stands out amongst neighboring countries because of its bilateral and multilateral collaboration, abundant raw materials, government support, and the central location among ASEAN countries with close proximity to India and China. Due to the reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers accelerated free trade agreements between Thailand and India, China, Japan, Australia.

Tourism: Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is named most popular city for international tourists. According to MasterCard's annual list of most-traveled to cities, Bangkok hosted nearly 20.2 million international tourists in 2017.

Why to Attend ?

  • Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learning In a New Space
  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Greater Focus
  • Learn skills and stay up-to-date
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